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Star Trek #22

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Star Trek is today’s one and only new release as Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise crew unravel the mystery of a lost Starfleet vessel that may hold the key to the galaxy’s future. Don’t miss the conclusion of “Return of the Archons”!


Captain Stone Is In The Building

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When I first began my stint here with the Madefire team just under 6 months ago, the Captain Stone story has always been the most intriguing to me and the most difficult to wrap my head around. Where did he go? Who IS he? And how did those biceps get so damn huge?!?!

This past Tuesday morning the usual UPS delivery came with a package to our studio in Berkeley and at the moment we all thought nothing of it. Our Production Manager, Joe, suddenly screamed in elation and snagged the package without anyone realizing what was going on. It turns out his new Captain Stone t-shirts had finally arrived and in a flash — the man, the myth, the legend, Captain Stone himself…aka Liam Sharp… came out of hiding to celebrate the first Madefire original title to be printed on a t-shirt. Words can’t explain what happened in the minutes after that — so I will allow pictures to do the moment justice.






Get Treated!!

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From the mind of legendary storyteller Dave Gibbons, the co-creator of ‘Watchmen’–the best-selling graphic novel of all-time and the only comic to make ‘Time’ magazine’s top 100 novels list– comes an explosive and original new story world exclusively created for the iPad and iPhone:


Treatment is a televisual phenomenon.

Treatment is a global franchise.

Treatment takes individuals cast in the heat and fury of lives spent both sides of the law and puts them on the front line in the battle against crime.

In every major city on every major continent if you are the sick and depraved underbelly of civilization, prepare to receive Treatment.

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