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Impromptu Studio Interview — Liam Inking A New Cap Stone Panel

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Ever read a comic and wonder to yourself — How in the hell did that come from the hand of a human? And what in the world must go through their mind in the process?

Well, our Production Manager, Joe Elardy, snuck in a quick interview with our resident rockstar artist and CCO, Liam Sharp, to search the answers to those questions right in the middle of the actual process. During the 5 minute plus interaction, Liam had no idea he was being filmed and claimed this was the “best interview he had ever done” — for the main reason being that he had no idea he was on camera. Throughout the interview, Liam expresses all the emotions that encompass a piece of such detail and precision while losing his way only to find it again in a short period of time — all without missing a beat. Fear, anxiety, joy, elation — all play their part to produce the masterpiece that is the newest panel for the next episode of Captain Stone. Enjoy!



Cap Stone 2_1


CCO Liam Sharp volunteers at son’s school to paint the set of Jungle Book

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Liam Sharp is a busy man. Not only does he have a personal brand to maintain with 30+ years of professional experience as an artist/writer/publisher, but he also co-founded and is creative director at the company for whom I write this post. In the past few weeks he has taken time from his busy schedule to do something incredibly fantastic for not only his family but for the school which his son, Jeff (10), attends. The Walnut Creek school will be presenting their version of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, and with the help of Liam’s artistic hand the set could not of come out any better.

Here’s what Liam had to say about the endeavor..

“I’ve loved doing this. In the past I’ve shied away from this kind of work – I tend to feel very self-conscious, and when I’m not working the last thing I generally want to do is paint. But honestly, it’s good to get over myself, free my mind, not think about work and the billion and one stresses, and just do something for your kids, for the school, and do it well. It’s sooooo cathartic. Very gratifying indeed – even with a 9.00am start on a Saturday morning..”

Lucky kids…and an even luckier drama teacher..

Enjoy the pictures below










The Epic Conclusion To BAO Now Available — In Your Pocket

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Today marks the conclusion to the DC/Madefire partnership on the flagship multi-verse Batman digital graphic novel. In December, the story was launched as an iPad exclusive and over the span of 4 months, 8 separate episodes released every 2 weeks added twists and turns of all kinds as the reader ultimately decided the fate of The Caped Crusader. Today is the day that Batman’s journey comes to an end.

To make today even more special, the story is now available across ALL iOS devices and currently featured in the App store!

Read the full Press Release..


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