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Tokyo: Episode 2

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Episode 2

Last time we encountered Treatment enforcer Kaidan–”The Ghost”–he dealt organized crime a blow by taking down Yakuza strong man Sadao atop a Tokyo rooftop. Yet crime continues to infest the city–even its exclusive Ginza district. In Episode 2 the Bosozoku biker gang take to the streets on two wheels, meting out punishment…and unknowingly drawing the attention of The Ghost!


From the mind of legendary storyteller Dave Gibbons, the co-creator of ‘Watchmen’–the best-selling graphic novel of all-time and the only comic to make ‘Time’ magazine’s top 100 novels list– comes an explosive and original new story world exclusively created for the iPad and iPhone:


Treatment is a televisual phenomenon.

Treatment is a global franchise.

Treatment takes individuals cast in the heat and fury of lives spent both sides of the law and puts them on the front line in the battle against crime.

In every major city on every major continent if you are the sick and depraved underbelly of civilization, prepare to receive Treatment.