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Madefire is undertaking an epic journey

One that we believe will revolutionize how stories are told, read, and shared. One that will transform a once static medium into an interactive experience that unfolds dynamically on mobile devices, and evolves with each new episode. It’s our Motion Book Tool that will make all this possible. We built it to unite the timeless beauty of sequential art with cutting-edge technology, and to give new creative freedom to the world’s most visionary creators and storytellers. All in the service of advancing the art of storytelling.

The journey toward a new era in storytelling is just beginning. And we don’t consider this path to be ours alone. Stories belong to the world, to everyone, to you. So we hope you’ll join us for the ride—we promise you an adventure unlike any other.

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    Read, share and interact with stories as they unfold on-screen through words, pictures, motion and sound

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    Original content from the world’s most renowned creators, and talented new pioneers

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    Explore stories as they continue to evolve through free new episodes

Creator First

The ‘creator-first’ philosophy

For all our work to revolutionize the reading experience, we believe that our philosophy is what sets Madefire apart from other technology companies. As artists and creators ourselves, the ‘creator-first’ philosophy lies at the very heart of our endeavor. We believe that creative teams should lead innovation, both in thinking and practical terms. So we developed our Motion Book Tool to deliver a wholly reimagined collaboration experience for the storytellers, stylists, innovators and writers behind the stories. Our goal is to give creators the freedom to escape from the traditional confines of 22 static pages, and create a new world of words, pictures, motion and sound. Our hope is that this technology will bring a new dimension of expression and originality to storytelling. As renowned comic book creator Dave Gibbons put it, “We are creating a new grammar for an ever-evolving medium.”


  • Ben WolstenholmeBen Wolstenholme (Founder/CEO)
    Ben is CEO of Moving Brands, which he co-founded in 1998. Moving Brands is a leading global branding and digital agency with studios in London, San Francisco, Tokyo and Zurich.Ben is an advisor to the UK Technology Strategy Board as well as on the Alumni Board of University of the Arts London.
  • Eugene Walden (CTO)
    Eugene is an award-winning U/I architect, mobile pioneer, and entrepreneur. Eugene has a proven track record of conceiving and shipping great products – most notably at Openwave systems (, where he designed and built the user interface for the world’s first widely-deployed mobile Internet browser. Prior to co-founding Madefire, Eugene was co-founder and CTO of 4delite, now known as 4mads.
  • Liam Sharp (CCO)
    Liam is a world-renowned artist and writer who has illustrated many of the greatest characters in the comics industry – Aliens, Batman, Superman, Hulk, X-Men, Spider-Man and Spawn—to name a few. He also illustrated the best-selling comic of 2008, Gears of War.Liam founded the award-winning Mamtor Publishing that showcased creator-owned work from many of the top names in comics and graphic novels. His first prose novel, God Killers, was published in 2008.