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Man Made Fire and Dared to Dream

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Long ago we drew down fire from the heavens, lit up our caves with life-giving flames, and set about documenting the story of Us on those rough-hewn walls in ochre daubs.

Here is where ‘the story’ in picture form began, here is where we first captured the startling imagery our imaginations afforded us, birthing worlds and realms peopled by beings that did not exist.
The story grew.

Through the ages of man we raised physical and literary temples in the name of our ever-evolving imaginative prowess. We lived, and live still, surrounded by and within our dreamings.

Man made fire, and from it grew ‘the story’.

We’re in an amazing age right now.

There have, over the centuries, been times when ‘the story’ evolved—took a seismic leap forward. Those cave paintings were one such leap, this digital age beckons another. Storytelling can evolve again in ways limited only by our imaginations.

At Madefire we’ve been working towards an experience at once universal and personal, private and shared. The interconnectivity of everyone rewrites what has gone before. Stories no longer need to happen in linear space but can explode into clouds. Readers need not dwell in the modern day analog of that ancient cave—but can instead share their tales with a global tribe.

The advent of the tablet computer has changed storytelling by adding further dimension to the potency of words and pictures.

With A-list story talent, minds culled from leading technological innovators, and experience that combines leadership in all forms of media, we’re confident that we’re cultivating an experience people will want to share, and share in. We’re working with the best, and that includes you—you that come with us and partake in an evolutionary journey that genuinely could change the way we experience ‘the story’ forever.



  1. Michael says:

    Any plans to spread the love to Android? I know that Apple is the monster for tablet marketplace, but the Android audience does already tend to geeky enough to want to read comics. Thanks

    1. ross says:

      Both Android and iPhone are in the works, but early enough not to have firm timelines. Thanks for the question, be sure to signup for our newsletter if you want to be updated when we know more.

  2. Laker says:

    AMAZING!!!!… Just got through the prologue of Cap Stone and feel as though I’ve experienced the beginning of something MASSIVE… Not only were my senses stimulated from the epic artwork and slick control but, the subtle audio, the layout, the brilliance of this thing fired synapses in my brain that I believe have been dormant since birth… I was in the basement, finding that stuff with Kyle and Joe… More than any other media/format, has my imagination been stimulated in this way…

    Pure genius.

    Now I must find out why Cap Stone is missing or dead???

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