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Madefire – Featured in App Store!

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Yesterday was the beginning of so many new and exciting things in the Madefire world. We launched our Madefire App, and were featured on the App Store under “New and Noteworthy.” That level of visibility on the world’s foremost app store was at once thrilling and humbling. But the tremendous sense of energy, enthusiasm, and pride that pulsated through our Berkeley office was fueled by much more than just the App Store appearance. And by more than the positive coverage Madefire received in the technology and comic book press. What inspired us most was the overwhelmingly supportive feedback we received from people who downloaded the app and read the first three titles we made available. And it wasn’t just the die-hard comic book aficionados who expressed their enthusiasm–it was people who didn’t typically read on the iPad or who had never even thought to give comic books and graphic novels a chance. Suddenly this genre offered something for them too. That is one of our greatest hopes: that by creating a new way for people to experience comic books, a whole new set of readers will be exposed to and begin to enjoy an art form that we at Madefire have embraced for as long as we can remember.

It was a tremendous day for us as a team, and maybe said best by our founder and CTO Eugene Walden, “Nothing could have made today better.” And we enjoyed all this day despite multiple acts of God that could have radically altered how it unfolded. Many of you know that Twitter – which was a huge source of evangelization for us – was up and down throughout the day. But, unlike us, most of you probably didn’t have the power line in front of your office come crashing down at 4pm, killing all power, wi-fi, everything for the remainder of the day!

But we made it, and in no small part due to the help and encouragement of all of you reading this. So huge thanks to you for being there with us as we entered a new phase at Madefire, as well as what we hope will be a new era for myths, reading and storytelling.



  1. Smack! says:

    Why oh Why is this not compatible with the iPad1? There are many of us comic lovers using it and surely the lack of a camera can’t be a complete deal breaker! Please do your fans and customers a favor and make a version for the most popular tablet of all time!

    1. ross says:

      We’re hoping to get there very soon. We were unable to get iPad1 going in time for launch, but we currently working on some stuff in both the content and reader that we hope will get us there. We push the devices pretty hard in order to bring as rich and active experience as possible and we didn’t quite get things stable enough on the first generation iPad in time. We’ll keep you posted.

  2. Kam says:

    How about saying something to this effect in the description on the AppStore page? Transparency is appreciated among the customers, certainly nicer than downloading and then getting this non-sensical message about a camera. I say non-sensical, because from your reply I infer that the camera is not really needed, you just used that as a coarse filter for older (slower?) devices.

  3. Graves says:

    Hi Kam, on the App Store it does indicate the requirements as iPad 2 or iPad 3… thank you for the suggestion that we make this more clear tho, we will add to the app description. We are working to support the iPad 1 and will be sure to let you know as soon as this is available. Thanks for your support!

  4. Claudeci says:

    hey it was a good post thanks for posting, please keep posting

  5. Smack! says:

    Thanks for thinking of us. I did have a fellow Comic fan with an iPad 2 download the app so I could see it and… WOW! He has all the comic apps from Marv** and D* comics. Some of them try to showcase “interactive” comics, but its a pale comparison to what I saw of Madefire.
    I am still just a (lowly) iPad1 owner so if and when you can make this available to my platform I will be an ardent fan.

    1. ross says:

      Check the app store. You should be able to grab the app on your iPad 1 now. Glad to hear that you liked what you saw.

  6. Smack! says:

    Sweet! Thanks so much for listening and supporting your fans. I can’t believe the response and hard work you have done for your fans. Are you hiring?!

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