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New York Comic Con earlier this month marked one of  Madefire’s high points since our launch in June. We got a chance to meet our supremely cool Madefire fans, heaps of amazing creators, and draw loads of energy from the event, which we’re busily pouring into our next wave of content for the fall. But we weren’t quite ready to let the magic fade yet. Luckily, our very own Ben Abernathy enlisted the help of a few super talented creators at NYCC who were up for drawing some pro/fan art for us. We hope you enjoy this selection of beautifully drawn, entertaining art as much as we do. Thanks to these pros for getting into the NYCC spirit and showing us some love!


Captain Stone, by Frazer Irving (Batman & Robin, Xombi).

Mono, by Tony Shasteen (Burn Notice, Green Lantern).

Treatment, Mono and Captain Stone, by Ilias Kyriazis (Vampirella, Ghostbusters).

Mono, by Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Choker).

Treatment, by Howard Porter (Justice League of America, Superman Beyond).

Magda, by Michael Dialynas (Trinkets, Spera v. 2).

Charlie Chance, by Dustin Nguyen (Batman, Justice League Beyond).

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