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Treatment: HQ

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Perhaps you discovered the televisual phenomenon and global franchise “Treatment” with Treatment Tokyo, met Special Operations Officer John “Commando” Cody in Treatment Detroit, and witnessed Treatment Player Manny Santana bravely fighting in a cowboy hat, instead of helmet, in Treatment Mexico City. Maybe you successfully revved up for total megamedia frenzy and obsession with Treatment San Diego. (“Megamedia” is a term coined in Treatment San Diego, when the Treatment Players attend San Diego Megamedia Con 2023.)

TreatmentHQ cover002

Well, now you can learn where all Treatment begins…

With story by Dave Gibbons and art by Jimmy Broxton, Treatment HQ catalogues the experience of three “Treatment” super fans on a behind-the-scenes tour of the New York City World Treatment Headquarters. At Headquarters, they get to meet Detroit star John “Commando” Cody as he fields questions; scrutinize stats on the technology capabilities of “Treatment” helmets and the efficiency of “Treatment” armor; and bear witness to the Control Room where the “Treatment” videos come to life and broadcast live.


Dave Gibbons first created Treatment several years ago. He used only digital tools to create his first episode. Now, we get to see his vision return to the crux of “megamedia,” so to speak, as he blurs the line between our world and the Treatment world, and between media and reality, as we read on a screen about the behind-the-scenes of a reality show in a fictional world. Crazy!

Get ready to peek behind-the-scenes of the Treatment series’ eponymous show. Ready… Set… Go! Check out World Headquarters. The time is now.



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