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Meet the minds behind Fran Kenstein!

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The countdown to Madefire’s Fran Kenstein Art Challenge continues with our latest update! Let’s meet the dynamic duo that hatched the original concept for our heroine!

First up—tell us a little about yourselves!

Liam My name is Liam Sharp ( and I’m a writer, artist, co-founder and CCO of Madefire, and Matylda ( is my preposterously talented eldest offspring.

Where did the concept come from? Was it reading the original novel or somewhere else…?

Liam Often, while I was working, Matylda would come and work in my old studio shed in Derby, and we would throw ideas around–particularly the strange roadkill dog-beast thing, Igor. She said what if a character could build her own boyfriend, but couldn’t get it right? And that was really the heart of the concept…

Why do you think the concept works so well when applied to teenagers in high school?

Matylda Well. Y’ know. Boys. Who wouldn’t want to fix them? Haha!

Matylda, the artist gene is strong within you—did you ever produce any early Fran designs yourself? Can we share them? Any plans to pursue a creative career? 

Matylda I did a few sketches but they are now lost in the abyss that is my unorganized mass of partially used sketchbooks!

And I would like to maybe go into children’s illustration or character design; they’re my two favourites at the moment. Though the dream would be to just draw animals for a living, haha!

I know you recently won an award in high school for art–tell us about that!

Matylda It was a complete surprise! I had been invited to an “honors circle” award thing at school, I knew I would be accepting a certificate for my scholarship at LCAD but I didn’t know anything about the other one (an art department award for fine art) so that was a really nice surprise! J

Liam, the creative blood runs deep in your family…we understand your father is quite an accomplished artist as well?

Liam He’s completely untrained but absolutely great in my opinion. There are things he can draw straight out of his head that blow my mind–buildings, boats, tiny specific details I wouldn’t even notice…He has his work up on a site here: It’s an epic piece feature 2000 nursery rhymes. Incredible!

Here come the judge(s)…

We’re really excited and fortunate to have a pretty killer group of judges lined up and we’re going to be revealing them every few days over the next week or so…but let’s kick off our announcement with a pair of incredibly talented creators:

Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (

Meago (

Stanley needs no real introduction as he just happens to be one of the most sought after creators in the world and his gallery on dA is gorgeous enough to blind the average human!

Just a glance at Meago’s gallery and you can see how gifted and creative she is–some truly remarkable work! Do yourself a favor and watch her IMMEDIATELY!

Welcome aboard, guys! The fun’s just beginning! 

Last but not least, today’s design by–Fran’s best friend and confidant, Kat:


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