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dA Artist Hunt Update

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Happy Monday!

Did everyone have a terrific weekend?

WOW the initial response on our artist challenge has been HUGE! Thank you everyone who’s shown interest and enthusiasm, we’re as excited about this as you!

For our latest update on the coming Challenge I’d like to formally introduce our next two guest judges:

Terry Dodson (

Nei Ruffino (

Terry is one of the top artists in the world…want proof? Check out any stack of Marvel or DC comics from the last 15 years and see his name everywhere. Not convinced? Check out his amazing and best-selling work in the European market—you’ll thank us once you do.

Nei is a tremendously talented artist who’s work has graced many a cover over the years and also happens to be one of the most in-demand color artists in all of comicdom! She’s a true force to be reckon with!

As we wrap our update, let’s have a look at today’s character design reveal by It’s Fran’s beloved, custom-made pet Igor:


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