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I’m Diego and before I became a developer for Madefire I was a Madefire user. Every two or three weeks I would grab my Nexus 10, load up the application and buy one of the many Dungeons and Dragons comics available on the the catalog (I’m a big D&D nerd). But that was it. I was all about print books. I did check a few of the free motion books available but the fact that they were not about franchises I knew about made me reluctant to spend money on them. This narrow mindedness meant that I missed out on a truly new experience until I became an employee (I now have access to all the books in our catalog, you should definitely consider applying!). I’m sure there are millions of readers missing out on this experience.


Reading a Motion Book is hard to describe. It’s not quite a movie, nor is it a printed book. If I had to describe the experience I would say that it’s like reading a novel you enjoy so much that you start picturing yourself as a part of the background. Motion Books create this immersive experience (especially when read on a television1) that is hard to get from other entertainment mediums. So don’t be like old Diego. Grab your mobile device, go buy the new Apple TV (or even better an Android TV device) and check out one of the many Motion Books. I am sure that you will not regret it.


Diego J Medina

Android Engineer
1. Madefire is now available on Apple TV and Android TV devices.

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