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New Overwatch Motion Books – Ana Amari Backstory

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Overwatch fans, don’t miss the newest episodes of Blizzard’s Free Overwatch Motion Books. Motion Books are an interactive reading experience created with Madefire’s Motion Book publishing tool. They offer a benchmark digital reading experience complete with music, motion and sound effects. Motion Books create a cinematic reading experience that translates perfectly to comic books.

Madefire teamed up with Blizzard to create intriguing backstories for their characters. Learn about Overwatch’s newest character, the sniper Ana Amari and how she lost her eye in these captivating Motion Books.

Ana – Legacy

While protecting her Overwatch squad as they rescue hostages from a Talon stronghold, sniper Ana Amari faces off against an unforeseen foe–a shooter who’s as good as she is. Ana must use all her wiles to get her people out of harm’s way, but at what cost?

Written by Andrew Robinson and illustrated by Bengal (Spider-Gwen, All-New Wolverine, Batgirl) Read it for free here on Madefire.


Ana – Old Soldiers

The internationally wanted vigilante Soldier: 76 heads to Egypt to track down a lead, which takes him to an unexpected reunion.

Written by Michael Chu and illustrated by Bengal (Spider-Gwen, All-New Wolverine, Batgirl). Read it for free here on Madefire.

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