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Valiant Announces Day-and-Date With Madefire, Classic Quantum & Woody Sale

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Today, Valiant officially announced that they will be bringing on their entire Print Book library to the Madefire app, including titles like Blood Shot, Armor Hunters, Unity as well as offering a Madefire-Exclusive Classic Quantum & Woody sale with over 20 episodes under a dollar.

For the full details check the Official Press Release


Files sizes and the reader performance

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File size does matter to a certain extent in how your book will perform in the reader.

Pages with lots of assets that have large file sizes may tend to slow down in the reader or take a little while to load.

The best rule of thumb is to try to keep the file sizes of your assets as low as possible without affecting the quality of the asset.

For images, use a .png for any image that contains transparent pixels (such as a character cut out of it’s environment).

Use a .jpg for any image that does not contain any transparent pixels (such as a background image).  Where a .png may be 2 or 3 megabytes in size, that same image will be about 500k as a .jpg and that savings will help your page perform better without reducing the quality.

For sound, try to loop sound where you can and fade out sound where you can.  Instead of just playing a 2 minute long piece of music, try to make the melody loop, then move to the next looped melody at a tap point.  This not only reduces file size dramatically (a 2 minute piece of music can be 3 meg or more in size depending on the file), but it also makes the reading experience more interesting as the music and sounds build through user interaction with the tap points.

Overall, try to keep any one asset to below 1 meg if possible, and in the low 100k’s if possible.

This will make your book load faster and perform better in the reader.

Have fun!

Latest Grimm Adaptation – Rapunzel – Now Available In Motion Books

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Last month we released Madefire’s adaptation of the classic Grimm’s Briar Rose, aka Sleeping Beauty aka Maleficent on the same weekend the recent feature film released. It was a very beautiful, fun and ultimately successful piece which we are extremely proud of. Kudos to the team who put it together!!

TODAY – the team is back at it with the newest Grimm adaptation release of Rapunzel — “a girl taken from her family and raised in a remote castle where her long, luxurious hair is used by her wicked captor as the only means of entrance.”

To read the book on your device open up your Madefire Motion Books & Comics App and it’ll be waiting for you.

Read it in our iOS AppAndroid App – or @ deviantART

See The Full Free Version Here:

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