Lead JavaScript Engineer

Are you a real-life Tony Stark or Riri Williams looking to tinker with the latest web technologies?

Madefire is seeking an experienced Lead JavaScript Engineer to design and build the applications that will enable creators to create and allow fans to experience the sound, movement and depth of its Motion Book digital comics—now available in Virtual Reality!

The Lead JavaScript Engineer will help make critical decisions that will shape the development of many of the company’s future products. They will be responsible for developing the user facing web-based and desktop (Electron/Node) components of Madefire’s end-to-end publishing platform, with a focus on user experience, performance, modularity and maintainability. These applications include:

  • Motion Book Creator 2.0, with VR support
  • Motion Book Reader for Web 2.0
  • Madefire’s web-based digital comics marketplace

The ideal candidate will have 8+ years experience as a Senior JavaScript Engineer and proficiency in the following languages, frameworks, tools and disciplines:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ES*)
  • React (and Redux, React Router, etc.)
  • Node.js, npm
  • Front-end build tools (Webpack, Gulp, Grunt)
  • Test-driven development (Mocha, Jasmine, Enzyme, etc.)
  • Source code management (Git, GitHub)
  • Functional programming concepts

The ideal candidate should also have experience:

  • Developing complex single page applications (SPA) using web standards
  • Engineering progressive web apps with service workers
  • Designing component-based UI hierarchies
  • Rendering <canvas> animations at 60fps+
  • Building accessible (a11y) user interfaces
  • Writing clean, semantic markup and modular, composable CSS
  • Analyzing and optimizing web page performance

Bonus points for the following:

  • Electron (or similar cross-platform desktop application development, i.e. NW.js, node-webkit)
  • WebVR and/or WebGL, OpenGL, THREE.js
  • Isomorphic/universal JavaScript development
  • React Native

The Lead JavaScript Engineer must be a motivated self-starter, capable of driving execution of multiple concurrent projects to completion. They should be obsessed with quality but capable of shipping “good” while iterating toward “perfect.”

They should possess excellent written and oral communication skills, write clear and concise documentation and proactively communicate project statuses. They should be curious, passionate and enthusiastic learners, capable of sharing their knowledge with others. They should champion best practices (design, performance, testing, security, etc.) and enjoy mentoring their peers.

Please send inquiries and resumes to jobs@madefire.com.