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Motion Book Builder

Independent Contractor Position

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Job Description

The Motion Book Builder is responsible for creating a captivating experience using our cloud-based software, the Motion Book Tool. The ideal candidate will have an eye for cinematography, an intuitive sense of pacing, and the ability to move a reader fluidly through a story.


  • Reformatting flattened artwork into layers, using digital painting skills to fill in the gaps
  • Create and animate sequential pages using the Motion Book Tool
  • Utilize and implement an array of storytelling techniques including: parallax animations, 360 panoramas, and image sequences (similar to GIFs)
  • Set story timings and place sound and animation files into projects


  • Demonstrable fluency in the Adobe Suite, including Photoshop and After Effects
  • Expert knowledge of visual storytelling through motion
  • Excellent collaborative skills
  • Professional work ethic, ability to work independently and/or remotely with little direction
  • Fast, proficient turnover
  • Digital Painting experience with the ability to mimic various drawing and painting styles
  • An eye for cinematic aesthetics (ie. camera movements, framing, and composition)
  • English-speaking

Required Application Material

  • Resume/CV
  • A Motion Book Tool evaluation is given to each candidate as a way to give us an idea of your storytelling ability and familiarize the candidate with the Motion Book Tool
  • A Demo reel/Portfolio

About Madefire

We are a legion of visionary artists, storytellers and engineers on a mission to advance the timeless art of storytelling in an era of interactive media, connected devices and virtual and augmented realities.

Our engineers and designers collaborate with the world’s most-renowned comic book creators and graphic pioneers to evolve our transformative Motion Book™ platform. Our authoring tools bring sound, motion and dimension to their words and images; our publishing pipeline distributes their works to a vast digital marketplace; and our ever-growing lineup of Motion Book™ clients delivers their stories to fans in a uniquely compelling experience.

Please send inquiries and resumes to

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