Madefire Press

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Episode 15

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There’s a standoff in the halls of Arkham Asylum, as Superman attempts to whisk its inmates to a more secure prison and Batman tries to stop him. Robin joins with Superman, Harley Quinn show up at the wrong time and a very imposing inmate is turned loose.

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art: Tom Derenick

Color: Alejandro Sanchez

Letters: Wes Abbott

Cover: Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder & Kathryn Laynd

Build: Mark Simmons & Sarah Wirtanen

Editor: Jim Chadwick

Music & Sound:

Composer/Arranger: Wendell Yuponce

Exec. Producer: George Englund Jr.

Sound Supervisor: Jerry Yamashita

Sound Effects: Chris Faamausili