Madefire Press

Clive Barker’s Next Testament

Episode 1

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The first all-new original comic series created and written by Clive Barker is here! Julian Demond, captain of industry, has left behind everything to begin a walkabout — he believes he’s on a mission from God. While in the wasteland, he comes across a figure unlike any other, who calls himself Wick.

Written by Clive Barker & Mark Miller

Art by Haemi Jang

Letters by Steve Wands

Cover by Goñi Montes

Build by Micah Ritchie & Jennie Yim

Assistant Editor: Chris Rosa

Editor: Matt Gagnon

Special Thanks to Ben Meares

Music & Sound:

Composer/Arranger: Wendell Yuponce

Exec. Producer: George Englund Jr.

Sound Supervisor: Jerry Yamashita

Sound Effects: Colten Becker