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Press Coverage

We’re excited to have been written about and interviewed by some of the most respected comic book, business, technology and design publications and blogs. Here’s a running list of who is saying what about Madefire:


November 2014

Kidscreen – The virtual world of Neopets is coming to digital comics, thanks to a deal between Neopets owner and educational game developer JumpStart and Berkeley, California-based media and tech company Madefire.

3 Million Years  JumpStart Teams Up With Madefire

Entertainment Rocks – Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment Partners with Madefire to Launch New Myths for the 21st Century.

iphonelife – Stan Lee Embraces Multimedia Comics with Madefire’s Motion Books.

TechCrunch – See Google’s Smarter Take On Smart TV In Our Android TV Video Walkthrough.

4 Geeks Like You – Madefire Motion Books Are Heading Over To Google’s Nexus Player –also appeared on lockerdome.

Free Android Apps – Madefire Motion Books & Comics V Varies with device APK for Android.


Engadget – Google Nexus Player review: a strong, but flawed, introduction to Android TV.

3 Million Years  Madefire’s Android App Now on Your TV – Launches Today on Google’s Nexus Player.


October 2014

Digital Spy and Digital Spy  UK – Clive Barker’s Books of Blood comes to Madefire

Rue Morgue – What we have done with the ‘Books of Blood’ is, I assure you,nothing short of astonishing. Prepare yourselves for an experience the likes of which you’ve never seen,” Barker announced in the official press release.

Clive Barker Revelations  Madefire is set to release Issue 1 of The Books of Blood on their Motion Book platform this Halloween…

Daily Dead – Clive Barker’s ‘Books of Blood’ Stories to Come Alive in Madefire Motion Books

Pipedream Comics -Review: Clive Barker’s Books of Blood #1 (Madefire).

Fanboy Comics – Clive Barker Celebrates 30 Years of ‘Blood’ with Madefire.

Venture Beat – Madefire starts selling creator-owned comics from deviantART on iOS & Android.

The Next Web – New DeviantArt channel on Madefire mobile apps puts indie artists in the spotlight.

The Next Web – Madefire updates Motion Book Tool to let authors add animations to their stories.

PC Magazine – Madefire Adds DeviantArt Channel to Android, iOS Apps.

Comics Bulletin – The Madefire Revolution Continues.

3 Million Years UK – Madefire Leads Creator First Revolution at New York Comic-Con.

Techlife – Must-have apps for October.

Publishers Weekly – Liam Sharp, chief creative officer of the digital publisher Madefire on PW Comics World’s More To Come. 

Graphic Policy – Issues #1 of both Cap Stone and Mono – Titan Comics new publishing partnership with innovative digital comics publisher Madefire – don’t hit comic stores until December 17, but attendees of New York Comic Con get the first glimpse at both series.

Ouch Magazine – Madefire Leads Creator First Revolution at New York Comic-Con

CNET’s – Madefire Motion Books is an entirely new way to experience comic books. Sound, precise control and cinematic motion are combined with the traditional graphic novel format to make for an all-new experience. 

Little Green Robot – This innovative app aims to bring comics to life by adding both visual and sound effects in ‘motion books’

Alernative Minds – Video – App review at NYCC

Digital Spy“Clive Barker is one of the true masters of modern horror,” said Madefire CCO and co-founder Liam Sharp. “We’re thrilled to help bring more of his exceptional vision to the Madefire Motion Book format.”



September 2014

Fanboy Comics – DeviantArt members Anna Podeworna and Kate Redesiuk have used the motion comic technology Motion Book Tool to bring an eerie and elegant piece of art to life.

Fanboy Comics – Madefire knows how to kick off the weekend right!  As of today and for every Friday moving forward, the digital studio will be giving away one free new title from popular publishers to include IDW, Valiant, iTV, BOOM! Studios – Madefire’s Free Friday Program Kicks Off With Harlan Ellison’s Star Trek.

Comic Vine  Madefire announced today, that starting this Friday, September 12th, they will be giving away for free one new title from popular publishers to include IDW, Valiant, iTV, Boom!, as well as Madefire Originals and Indie books.

iO9 – The Motion Book™ format, created by Madefire Studios, is one of the most subtle yet promising pieces of software innovation to premier in recent years.


August 2014

The Guardian – “There’s a lot of work going on around digital comics, with Madefire one of the most interesting companies involved…. The famous brands may attract you, but it’s the deeper indie fare that will keep you coming back.”

PC Magazine – “Madefire enhances digital comics by adding sound effects, music, and a touch of animation…. The app’s Motion Books technology works well and opens the door to new storytelling methods”

FliptheMedia – “All the books, especially Batman are indicative of the potential of the platform for more immersive storytelling in comics…. it will be exciting to see how they continue to experiment with and evolve the medium.”


July 2014

MacWorld – “At Comic-Con Madefire announced an update to its iOS app and the release of its brand-new Android version. The service is also tied in with the deviantArt community of artists, who have full access to Madefire’s tools and can publish their creations directly back to deviantArt.”

Den of Geek – “Finally, Android users can experience Madefire’s Motion Book digital comics experience, too!”

Fanboy – “Madefire showed its support of independent comic book creators by announcing the open release of the web-based Motion Book Creation Tool to artists and authors anywhere in the world, as well as the addition of a new “Print Books” category.”

Forbes –  “The Madefire tool, in partnership with DeviantArt’s artist community, has the need for discovery in mind. They want the partnership… to lead to new characters, new story lines, and new things to believe in.”

The Guardian – “‘[The Madefire Tool] has been opened up to the public, allowing anyone to create and publish their own animated comic using a free, web-based tool.”

CNET – “Access is the new ownership,” Madefire’s chief executive and co-founder Ben Wolstenholme told CNET from the show floor. The free-to-download Madefire Android app (Google Play) promises an enormous untapped market for the company.”

TheNextWeb – “Publishers such as IDW, Valiant, Oni Press, Top Cow, Liquid Comics, and others have signed on to the new Print Books category giving Madefire the rights to thousands of comics titles across a variety of screens and devices.”

TechHive (also appeared on MacWorld) – “Last year, Madefire’s product seemed like an interesting twist that was going to have a tough road… This year it seems a lot more interesting.”

Padgadget (also appeared on Apple Balla) – “Apple also celebrated San Diego Comic Con by making Madefire Motion Books & Comics the App Store Editor’s Choice….  experience the new trend in the industry, motion comics.”

Good E-Reader – “Motion comic pioneer Madefire has just released their digital comic book reader and store on Android…. The main selling point behind Madefire is the ability to showcase animations, transitions, video and sound.”

The Digital Reader – “This 3-year-old startup has made a name for itself by developing an eye-catching new type of comics called Motion Books, which it had been distributing to the iPad, iPhone, Windows 8, the Xbox, and today Android.”


June 2014

Publishers Weekly – “Madefire, the “motion book” digital comics platform, has expanded to the Windows 8 operating system, launching with a free 5-installment Transformers comic exclusive to their app.”

IGN – “Valiant Entertainment And Madefire Team Up To Make Unity Motion Books…. ‘the opportunity to apply Madefire’s immersive and captivating Motion Books technology to our most high-profile titles has been electrifying.'”

iFancast – “Madefire’s technology allows creators the freedom to defy left-to-right reading and create a dynamic experience for readers.”


May 2014

Examiner – “Horror maestro Clive Barker remarked, “Never before have I seen anything like this. Madefire, has created a radical way in which to read comics and I’m excited beyond words to be a part of the revolution.””

The Hollywood Reporter – “Madefire continues to build an impressive portfolio with new partnerships announced with Archie Comics, Seraphim, Lion Forge and Arcana in addition to existing relationships with DC Entertainment, IDW, Dark Horse and more.”

CCTV America – “the traditional comic “book” has remained pretty much the same, even when its pages are put online for viewing. But as Mark Niu reports, one company in Berkeley, California is introducing a major plot twist in that formula.” (Video)


April 2014

The Hollywood Reporter – “Launched in December, Arkham Origins was the first collaboration between DC and digital comics studio Madefire… ‘It’s been a thrill to experience fans’ reactions to this interactive story these past months.'”

Pop Matters – “MadeFire demonstrated that comics could effectively become a medium of motion, while retaining a clear sense of panel and reading”


March 2014

Comic Book and Movie Reviews – “5 Companies That Are Revolutionizing The Comic Book Industry”


February 2014

Flipboard: Top Cow And The Darkness Come To Madefire

Forbes – “A Startup Transforming Reading And How We Make Books”

Batman-News – “Madefire wants to change the way you read digital comics with Motion Books”


January 2014

13th Dimension – “Liam Sharp Talks Madefire, Arkham … and Beards”


December 2013

FlipBoard: DC Comics and Madefire bring Injustice and Batman: Arkham Origins to Motion Books

FlipBoard: Dark Horse Comics bring Hellboy to Madefire

VentureBeat – “26 amazing startups you need to watch in 2014,” December 31, 2013


October 2013

Tech Crunch – “‘Motion books’ platform Madefire is announcing that it has raised $5.2 million in Series A funding,” October 2, 2013

VentureBeat – “Digital comic book startup Madefire has just closed a new $5.2 million round of funding,” October 2, 2013


July 2013

Fanboy Comics – “SDCC 2013: Fanboy Comics Interviews Dave Gibbons (‘Watchmen’) and Liam Sharp (Madefire),” July 26, 2013

TechHive – “Digital-comics creators try to evolve with new medium,” July 23, 2013

The New York Times – “Embracing Tablets, Comic Book Publishers Cash In on a Digital Revolution,” July 21, 2013

VentureBeat – “7 Superheroic Companies that are Kicking Ass in Digital Comics,” July 19, 2013

Transformers Life – “IDW Signs Up for Motion Comics,” July 17, 2013

The Wall Street Journal – “Madefire and Key Publishers Team Up to Bring Motion Book Experience to Popular Titles,” July 16, 2013

TechCrunch – “Madefire Signs Up Its First Outside Publishers, Including IDW, For Its ‘Motion Book’ Platform,” July 16, 2013

VentureBeat – “Ahead of Comic-Con, Madefire brings its motion book tech to IDW, Top Cow, & Boom Studios,” July 16, 2013

Hollywood Reporter – “Madefire Announces Digital Motion ‘Transformers,’ ‘Star Trek’ Comics,” July 16, 2013

Publishers Weekly – “Madefire, Publishers, ITV Partner for More Motion Books,” July 16, 2013

IGN – “Comic-Con: Transformers, Star Trek, More Coming to Madefire,” July 16, 2013

ICv2 – “Madefire Takes Big Step Forward with Distribution Agreement with Four Publishers, Move to Paid Content,” July 16, 2013

Comic Book Resources – “SDCC: MADEFIRE PARTNERS WITH BOOM!, IDW, TOP COW & ITV,” July 16, 2013

Examiner – “Madefire announces key partnership at San Diego Comic-Con 2013,” July 16, 2013

Digital Spy – “Madefire announces IDW, Top Cow, BOOM!, ITV Studios partnerships,” July 16, 2013

Fanboy Comics – “Madefire and Top Comic Book Publishers Join Forces to Create Motion Books,” July 16, 2013

Awesome Toy Blog – “Madefire Teams Up with Comic Publishers and Delivers Motion Books,” July 16, 2013

Everything Tech – “Madefire Signs Up Its First Outside Publishers, Including IDW, For Its ‘Motion Book’ Platform,” July 16, 2013

Metal Life – “Madefire and Key Publishers Team Up to Bring Motion Book Experience to Popular Titles,” July 16, 2013 – “Madefire Brings the Motion Book Experience to Popular Titles,” July 16, 2013

The Ultimate Transformers Fansite – “Madefire and IDW to Create Transformers Motion Books,” July 16, 2013

Equestria Daily – “MLP Motion Comics On The Way,” July 16, 2013

Transformers World – “Transformer Motion Comics Coming to Madefire,” July 16, 2013

The Outhousers – “SDCC: MADEFIRE ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH IDW, TOP COW, BOOM! & ITV STUDIOS,” July 16, 2013 – “Star Trek, My Little Pony, Transformers and More Come to Motion Comics,” July 16, 2013

The Fanboy Factor – “Madefire and key publishers team up to bring the Motion Book experience to popular titles,” July 16, 2013

ReviewFix – “Madefire and key publishers team up to bring the Motion Book experience to popular titles,” July 16, 2013


June 2013

Comic Book Resources – “Preview: The Heroes Club #1,” June 4, 2013

Digital Spy – “Madefire unveils three new titles, Bill Sienkiewicz contribution,” June 1, 2013


May 2013

IGN – “Madefire Expands the Reading Experience with Motion Books: Comic book all-stars bring motion books to life,” May 31, 2013

Pipedream Comics – “Old meets new as Madefire expands Motion Book lineup with Sherlock Holmes, Paradise Lost, and lost pulp adventure Mono: Prospero Rising,” May 30, 2013

Bleeding Cool – “Liam Sharp And Bill Sienkiewicz’s Sherlock Holmes And More For Madefire,” May 30, 2013

Comic Booked – “Old Meets New as Madefire Expands Motion Book Line,” May 30, 2013

Den of Geek – “Madefire Announce New Titles, Including Sherlock Holmes!” May 30, 2013

Comic Book Resources – “Preview: The Irons: Hybrids #4,” May 14, 2013


April 2013

Comic Book Resources – “Preview: Treatment: Tokyo #3,” April 30, 2013

Tech Crunch – “Madefire Partners with deviantART To Bring Its ‘Motion Books’ To The Web (And Start Charging For Them),” April 2, 2013

The Verge – “DeviantArt brings comic book publishing to the community with Madefire partnership,” April 2, 2013

Pando Daily – “DeviantArt partners with Madefire to help members monetize their communities,” April 2, 2013

Publishers Weekly – “DeviantART Partners With Madefire For Comics/Storytelling Platform,” April 2, 2013

The Nerdist – “DeviantART Teams with Madefire for Digital Motion Books Comics,” April 2, 2013

Den Geek – “Madefire and deviantART Team Up to Bring Motion Books to The World!” April 2, 2012


Comic Book Resources – “Madefire brings motion books to deviantART community,” April 2, 2013

Review Fix – “Madefire and deviantART To Launch Motion Books to a Worldwide Audience,” April 2, 2013

Comic Booked – “Madefire and deviantART to Launch Motion Book Venture,” April 2, 2013

Digital Spy – “Madefire, deviantART unveil partnership,” April 2, 2013

3 Millions Years – “Madefire and deviantART To Launch Motion Books to a Worldwide Audience,” April 2, 2013

Geek’s Room – “DeviantART y Madefire ofrecerán una herramienta para desarrollar motion books,” April 2, 2013

Comics Blog – “Madefire, deviantART unveil partnership,” April 12, 2013

Noticias de Hoy Blogueando al minuto – “DeviantART y Madefire ofrecerán una herramienta para desarrollar motion books,” April 12, 2013

Deuce Design – Perfect match… ” April 2, 2013

App Advice – Madefire and DeviantART To Bring New Comic Book Stories To iOS,” April 2, 2013

The Beat – Madefire teams with Deviant Art for more motion comics,” April 2, 2013

Comic Book Resources – Madefire brings motion books to deviantART community,” April 2, 2013

Down the Tubes – “Madefire and deviantART To Launch “Motion Books” to Worldwide Audience,” April 2, 2013


March 2013

Comic Booked – “Review: Madefire’s Treatment Mexico City Episode 4,” March 22, 2013

Irish Comic News – “Spotlight: Len O’Grady’s Treatment: Mexico City #1,” March 11, 2013

Varoom – “Motion: The Shifting World of Comics,” March 2013


February 2013

The Beat – “Review: Houses of the Holy (Mike Carey’s Horror Comic At MadeFire),” February 28, 2013

Comic Booked – “Review: Madefire’s Treatment Tokyo Episode 2,” February 22, 2013

Comic Booked – “Review: Madefire’s Treatment Mexico City Episode 2,” February 21, 2013

Comic Booked – “Review: Madefire’s MONO Episode 3,” February 20, 2013

Comic Booked – “Review: Madefire’s Captain Stone is Missing… Episode 5,” February 20, 2013

Comic Booked – “Review: Madefire’s The Engine Episode 3,” February 18, 2013

Den of Geek –  “Captain Stone is Missing: Review,” February 12, 2013


January 2013

DotTech – “Madefire brings exclusive, original comics to your phone,” January 25, 2013

SF Weekly – “Storytelling 10110001101: Comics and Novels Evolve,” January 16, 2013

Turnstyle News – “Hot List: Comics and Brainstorms,” January 9, 2013 – “Madefire Inspiration,” January 8, 2013

Nerd Span – “Madefire: the Future of Comics?” January 7, 2013


December 2012

Fingers to the Bone –  “Madefire App,” December 19, 2012

True Ventures blog – “Congratulating This Year’s ‘Best of’,” December 14, 2012

Den of Geek –  “Interview with Ben Wolstenholme, Madefire’s Co-Founder,” December 12, 2012

FastCoCreate – “The 10 Coolest Original Digital Comics of 2012,” December 12, 2012

3 Million Years – “10 Questions With…Liam Sharp of Madefire,” December 11, 2012

3 Million Years – “10 Questions With…Dave Gibbons,” December 10, 2012

Den of Geek – “Interview with Ben Abernathy, Madefire’s King of Content,” December 7, 2012

UOL (Brazil’s biggest online news site) – “Nos 25 anos de “Watchmen”, desenhista quer revolucionar HQs com aplicativo interativo,” December 6, 2012


November 2012

Den of Geek – “Mono: The Old Curiosity Shop (Madefire): Episodes 1 and 2, Review,” November 28, 2012

Den of Geek – “Treatment: Tokyo (Madefire), Episode 1: Review,” November 27, 2012

First Post (video) – “Madefire at the SF App Show,” November 8, 2012

Den of Geek – “Madefire, First Look, Review,” November 26, 2012

Comic Book Resources – “Conversing on Comics with Ben Abernathy,” November 23, 2012

Circle Click – “3rd Annual SF AppShow Reviewed,” November 19, 2012

All Day Comics – “Madefire interview with Liam Sharp and Dave Gibbons,” November 15, 2012

Bleeding Cool (audio) – “Pop Culture Hounding – Marvel Now, Si Spurrier And Madefire,” November 14, 2012

InnerSPACE (video) – “Madefire,” includes demos and interviews with Dave Gibbons and Ben Wolstenholme from New York Comic Con, November 12, 2012

ReviewFix – (audio) “Steve Niles Discusses His New Madefire Short, “Severing The Curse,” November 12, 2012

Inside Mobile Apps – “10 mobile apps featured at the SF AppShow including Blue Kangaroo, BigDay! and Madefire,” November 9, 2012

A New Domain – “SF AppShow 2012: Madefire Motion Book App and Pub Platform (Apple iOS, iPad),” November 8, 2012

Tech Republic – “10 mobile apps for tech pros: SF AppShow 2012 preview,” November 7, 2012

INFINITY – “Interview: Liam Sharp,” November issue. Download INFINITY free from the App Store to read all issues, including the one with this interview.


October 2012

NBC – “Madefire App Moves Comic Books into Next Generation,” October 26, 2012

The Beat – “Madefire Featured in the iPad mini Keynote,” October 26, 2012

Pipedream Comics – “The Madefire app on the Apple iPad mini reveals the next generation of digital comics,” October 25, 2012

Review Fix – “Mono Episode One Review: A Grand Tease,” October 22, 2012

Examiner – “New York Comic Con 2012: Interview with Madefire’s Liam Sharp,” October 20, 2012 – “Madefire brings its revolutionary digital comic books to the iPhone,” October 17, 2012

Examiner – “Dave Gibbons and Liam Sharp discuss Madefire’s success at New York Comic-Con,” October 16, 2012

Comic Booked – “Madefire Brings Comic Evolution to New York Comic Con,” October 16, 2012

PC Mag – “NYCC: Madefire Tops Digital Comics With Motion Storytelling App,” October 15, 2012

Pendragon Post – “NYCC 2012: Madefire,” October 15, 2012 (interview with Ben Wolstenholme)

Review Fix – “Review Fix Exclusive 2012 Comic Con Coverage: Dave Gibbons Interview,” October 14, 2012

BFG – “Madefire—“New Motion Comic Books,” October 14, 2012

Review Fix – “Interview With Madefire Co-Founder and Mono Creator Ben Wolstenholme,” October 13, 2012

MTV Geek – Podcast interview with Dave Gibbons on Madefire, from New York Comic-Con, October 13, 2012

Make Use Of – “Madefire: An App That Lets You Read Comic Books,” October 12, 2012

Den of Geek – “From NYCC: Editors on Editing,” October 11, 2012

MTV Geek – “Interview: Liam Sharp On The Future Of Comics – And Why It Might Be ‘Madefire’,” October 8, 2012

Chip Chick – “Madefire Looks to Light Up the World of Comics on the iPad,” October 8, 2012

The Beat – “Digital Roundup: Another iVerse Exclusive, Madefire on iPhone and… Walt Simonson at New Paradigm?” October 8, 2012

addictivetips – “Madefire Redefines Comics For iPhone & iPad With Animations & Sound Effects,” October 8, 2012

Redmond Pie – “Madefire For iOS Offers A New Way To Read Comics, Compliments The iPhone 5′s Tall Display Very Well,” October 7, 2012

Padvance – “Madefire: An interview with comics legend Dave Gibbons,” October 4, 2012. Part two of the interview.

Total Apps – “Madefire for iPhone and iPad App Review,” October 3, 2012

Comics Crux – “Madefire Wants to Revolutionize Your Comics,” October 1, 2012

The Guardian – “20 Best iPhone and iPad apps this week,” October 1, 2012


September 2012

AppAdvice – “Digital Comics App Madefire Is On Fire With New Universal Update,” September 29, 2012

TIME – Madefire’s Digital Comics Come to the iPhone,” September 28, 2012

TechCrunch – “True Ventures-Backed Madefire Brings Its Digital Comics To The iPhone,” September 27, 2012

PandoDaily – “Madefire Takes Its Digital Comics to iPhone,” (re-post of TechCrunch story) September 27, 2012 – “Madefire to Launch Comic App for iPhone and iPod Touch,” September 27, 2012

VentureBeat – “Madefire brings its revolutionary digital comic books to the iPhone,” September 27, 2012

FanBoyPlanet – “Madefire Launches On iPhones!,” September 27, 2012

Freshly Educated Men – “Madefire Revolutionizing Comics & Graphic Novels for iPhone and iPod,” September 27, 2012 – “Madefire app now available for iPhone and iPod,” September 27, 2012

3MillionYears – “Madefire launches original comics on iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS,” September 27, 2012

148Apps – “App Update: Madefire Comics Now Retina, iPhone 5, and iOS 6 Ready,” September 27, 2012

Inside Mobile Apps – “Madefire brings motion comics to iPhone and iPod touch,” September 27, 2012

Comics Bulletin – “Liam Sharp: A New Grammar for a New Medium,” September 27, 2012

iPhoneGorillaz – “Madefire Brings Revolutionary Comics App to iPhone & iPod touch,” September 27, 2012

FreeiPhoneStore – “App Update: Madefire Comics Now Retina, iPhone 5, and iOS 6 Ready,” September 27, 2012

AppJive – “App Update: Madefire Comics Now Retina, iPhone 5, and iOS 6 Ready,” September 27, 2012

TechNews – “True Ventures-Backed Madefire Brings Its Digital Comics To The iPhone,” September 27, 2012

Digital Comics News – “Madefire Comics App Now Available For The iPhone & iPod touch,” September 27, 2012

El Semanario – “True Ventures-Backed Madefire Brings Its Digital Comics To The iPhone,” September 27, 2012

Nicholas Online – “True Ventures-Backed Madefire Brings Its Digital Comics To The iPhone,” September 27, 2012

Arizona Technology Investor Forum – “True Ventures-Backed Madefire Brings Its Digital Comics To The iPhone,” September 27, 2012 – “App Marketing Costs Decline In August As Developers Held Their Breath For The iPhone 5,” September 27, 2012

iCv2 – “Interview with Dave Gibbons On Madefire and the Future of Comics,” September 20, 2012

Bleeding Cool – “The Comic Book Offices Made Of Fire,” September 19, 2012

Comic Booked – “Comic Revolt with David Gillette: Going Digital,” September 14, 2012

Epic Games – “Epic Gamer Artist: Liam Sharp,” September 12, 2012

Scotch Corner – “The Irons: Hybrids. Madefire. Process.” September 6, 2012

Birmingham Mail –  “Madefire Motioning Forward…,” September 5, 2012


August 2012

Examiner – “Interview with Liam Sharp, co-creator of the innovative comic book app Madefire,” August 31, 2012

Digital Spy – “Madefire launches horror artist search, unveils editor,” August 29, 2012

The Beat – “People on the Move: Segura, Abernathy, ” August 29, 2012

ActuaLitté – “Application numérique : Madefire prend ses marques,” August 29, 2012

USA Today – “Dave Gibbons lends expertise to groundbreaking Madefire app,” August 28, 2012

FanBoy Planet – “The Digital Revolution Continues!” August 28, 2012

Comic Book Resources – “Editor Ben Abernathy leaves DC Comics for Madefire,” August 28, 2012

Bleeding Cool – “Ben Abernathy Joins Madefire,” August 28, 2012

The Outhousers – “Madefire Announces Weekly Original Content, Steals Ben Abernathy From DC,” August 28, 2012

inReads – “Enjoy Graphic Novels and Comic Books on Your E-Reader – Part 1,” August 24, 2012

Publishers Weekly – “Madefire Offers New Model for Digital Comics,” August 22, 2012. Note: the information about our Motion Book Tool was published incorrectly–we are releasing the tool in phases; it is not in full public beta yet.

Hat and Spoon – “Madefire – Taking Comics to the next level?” August 19, 2012

Deuce Design – “Madefire motion books unleashed…,” August 6, 2012

Tap! – “Madefire Comics,” August 6, 2012 – Interview with Madefire CCO Liam Sharp, August 3, 2012


July 2012

The Married Gamers – “Sketchbook to Screen: Four Digital Comic Options,” July 30, 2012

PandoDaily – “Madefire Is the Future of Storytelling,” July 26, 2012

Flesk Publications – “Flesk at Comic-Con International in San Diego Part 1,” July 26, 2012

Folha de São Paulo – “Empresas apostam na evolução de quadrinhos digitais para tablet,” July 23, 2012

CNN – “Digital Comics Work it in San Diego,” July 19, 2012

Reviews on the Run  “Madefire (iOS),” July 18, 2012

Killer Startups – “Madefire Gives Comics A Digital Storytelling Upgrade,” July 17, 2012

Get Off the Island – Interview with Madefire’s Ben Wolstenholme at San Diego Comic-Con (starts at 2:00 minutes), July 14, 2012

Upstart – “Comic-Con means business for startups,” July 12, 2012

Pipedream Comics – “Why the Madefire app is the new cutting edge of digital comics,” July 10, 2012 – “Digital Comic App Publishes ‘Motion Books’,” July 6, 2012

Internet Evolution – “Transmedia Startup Preps Platform for Comic-Con,” July 6, 2012 – “Madefire Launches High-End Digital Motion Book Platform,” July 6, 2012

Top App Charts – Posting/review, July 2, 2012


June 2012 – “Madefire: shiny, interactive motion books are good for illustrators?” June 28, 2012

MERGEFIELD “OUTLET” MacGasm – “Experience A New Wave Of Motion Comics With Madefire,” June 28, 2012

Movie Pass – “Madefire Will Change the Way You Read Comics,” June 26, 2012

Under Consideration – “Madefire Makesawesome,” June 26, 2012

Brandemia – “Madefire, una nueva marca para los llamados “Motion Books”,” June 25, 2012 – “Madefire Comics: Geniale Comicbücher mit 3D-Effekt,” June 25, 2012

MacPlazza – “The iPad Is Helping Make ‘Motion’ Comics A Graphic, Gratifying Reality,” June 25, 2012

Omlete – “Madefire | Nova editora estreia com quadrinhos exclusivos para iPad,” June 25, 2012 – “Feel the Motion,” June 25, 2012

Designers Journal – “Moving Brands mark a new era in Story Telling,” June 23, 2012

Wired – “Madefire — Bringing Comics to a New Level,” June 23, 2012

DesignWeek UK – “Madefire app aims to spark the next generation of graphic novels,” June 22, 2012

DigitalMediaWire – “Dave Gibbons, ‘Watchmen’ co-creator, publishes on Madefire, joins strong advisory board,” June 22, 2012 – “Madefire: Otro que busca reinventar el cómic digital,” June 22, 2012

IMDB – “Dave Gibbons launches Madefire app,” June 22, 2012

Digital Spy – “Dave Gibbons launches Madefire app,” June 22, 2012

Scotch Corner – “Madefire. Hybrids: The Irons by Haden Blackman.,” June 22, 2012

The Beat – Comics Culture – “Madefire (Read: Mamtor) Launches New Digital Graphic Novel Format With Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz and Friends,” June 22, 2012

Literarium – “Madefire Motion Books (for iPad),” June 22, 2012

Padvance (links out to Techcrunch article) – “MadeFire is a new way to read comics on your iPad,” June 22, 2012

Shermon Kenton’s Blog – “Madefire Reinvents Comics For The iPad, Signs Up True Ventures And Watchmen Artist Dave Gibbons,” June 22, 2012

SlideToPlay (links out to Techcrunch article) – “Madefire is a new way to read comics on your iPad,” June 22, 2012

TheAppSide – “Madefire makes its play in iPad comics market,” June 22, 2012

Transmedia Camp101 (reprint of Techcrunch story by Anthony Ha) – “Madefire Reinvents Comics For The iPad, Signs Up True Ventures And Watchmen Artist Dave Gibbons,” June 22, 2012

Apple n’ Apps – “Madefire Comics Introducing Motion To Comics On The iPad,” June 22, 2012

BetaKit – “Madefire Debuts Motion Storytelling for iPad; Watchmens Dave Gibbons on Board,” June 21, 2012

TechCrunch – “Madefire Reinvents Comics For The iPad, Signs Up True Ventures And Watchmen Artist Dave Gibbons,” June 21, 2012

True Ventures Blog – “Revolutionizing The Comic Industry With Madefire,” June 21, 2012

148Apps – “App Detail » Madefire Comics,” June 21, 2012

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