Technicolor Experience Center and Madefire Studios Present MONO Blackwater, an Experience in the Virtual

MONO, former assassin to the queen and legendary apeman, returns from exile only to learn he has a daughter who has been taken captive by the Fold, a shadowy syndicate from his past.

MONO Blackwater will be featured as a World Premiere and Official VR Film Selection at the prestigious SXSW Film Festival in March of 2018.

MONO Blackwater at SXSW


Written and Directed by
Ben Wolstenholme
Creative Director
Luke Acret
  • Ben Wolstenholme
  • Felipe Marino
  • Anthony Brock
  • Liam Sharp
Executive Producer
  • Marcie Jastrow
  • Logan Brown
Brian Frager
Project Manager
Johanna Tannerfors
Clark Freeman
Heston, voice
William Knight
Heston, motion capture
Nick Apostolides
London Vale
Sound Designer
  • Scott Gershin
  • Simon Pressey
  • Jesse Garcia
  • Debbie Gonzales
Johannes Hammer
  • Ben Wolstenholme
  • Fin Cramb
  • Guy Wolstenholme
  • Liam Rinat
  • Richard Watson
Technical Director
  • David Kern
  • Atul Sharma
  • Divakar V
  • Gopee K
  • Pooja
  • Supriya
  • David Naney
  • Diego Medina
  • Joshua Worby
  • Srikanth Cheedey
Technical Artist, Rigging and Animation
Arjun Rajan
Team Lead, Modeling
Arjun Rajan
Modeling and Texturing
  • Manikanta
  • Paras Dutta
  • Akash Chaterjee
VFX and Lighting
Sabyasachi Bose
Motion Capture Supervisor
  • Charles Ghislandi
  • John Root