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Angus McKie

Angus McKie - Artist, Colorist, Letterer
Artist, Colorist, Letterer

Angus McKie (born July 1951 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England) is a British artist who illustrates science fiction and fantasy books, and also works in the comics industry as an artist and is a long-time collaborator with Dave Gibbons. During the 70s and 80s, his work graced the covers of many a science fiction novels, and his art was featured in the Terran Trade Authority books. His ventures into comics have included Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics, and a number of Neil Gaiman created comics. He also wrote and drew many stories for Heavy Metal in the late 70s.

Motion Books

  • Treatment

  • Treatment

  • Treatment

    Mexico City: Episode 1
  • Treatment

    Mexico City: Episode 2