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Bill Sienkiewicz

Bill Sienkiewicz (pronounced sin-KEV-itch) – born Boleslav Felix Robert Sienkiewicz – is descended from the Nobel Prize-winning Polish novelist Henryk Sienkiewicz.

He is an Eisner-winning, Emmy-nominated artist best known for revamping the style of comic and graphic novel illustration from 1980 onward, most notably with Marvel Comic’s Elektra: Assassin and his acclaimed graphic novel Stray Toasters, earning him an international reputation and cult status across media industries.

He created groundbreaking movie promotional art for The Dark Knight, The Grinch, Unforgiven and the hit video game Resident Evil. Sienkiewicz’ character design for the upcoming DreamWorks’ film Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians has now opened doors for producing. Sienkiewicz is conceptualizing characters for LionsGate’s supernatural western The Man With No Name, which he will executive produce with Braxton Pope. He will also jointly produce, write and direct the film of his Stray Toasters with Jeff Renfroe.

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