Madefire Press

Gary Erskine

Gary is a comic book artist living in Glasgow, Scotland with his wife Mhairi. He has been illustrating comic books for over twenty years and contributed character designs and storyboards for television, commercials and games development. He also teaches workshops at libraries and schools. Gary enjoys traveling around and attending regular conventions and prepping work on personal projects.

Motion Books

  • Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time

    The Fourth Doctor
  • Doctor Who:Prisoners of Time

  • G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

    Vol. 7
  • The Irons

    Hybrids: Episode 1
  • The Irons

    Hybrids: Episode 2
  • The Irons

    Hybrids: Episode 3
  • The Irons

    Hybrids: Episode 4
  • William Windsor: A Very Public Prince