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Jimmy Broxton

Jimmy Broxton - Artist, Colorist, Letterer
Artist, Colorist, Letterer

  • England UK

Jimmy Broxton is a UK based graphic artist, illustrator and designer, who recently started working in the American comics market. He is best known for his work on DC/Vertigo’s “The Unwritten” with Mike Carey; Paul Cornell’s “Knight and Squire” mini series also for DC comics, and most recently a run of short stories for Dark Horse Comics Presents, working with writer by Martin Conaghan.

Mystery surrounds the true identity of the artist, as mounting evidence suggests he is simply a figment of long time comic’s creator James Hodgkin’s imagination. Broxton denies this claim. Only one official photograph of the elusive artist is known to exist, it is included here, the remarkable physical resemblance between him and Hodgkins is entirely coincidental and a source of great amusement to his pets. His hobbies include: cooking, cycling, boxing and pretending to be somebody else.

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